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Huntley appointed a Director of Historic Royal Palaces, Inc.


Updated credentials


Updated credentials & references.


Updated references.


Huntley appointed to Historical Royal Palaces U.S Advisory Board.


Updated references.

Modified Jobs Page Link.

E-Mail contact modified on all pages.

(2/12/2004)  References updated.

Vendors make sure to sign up to receive emails of available jobs at http://www.huntley.com/vendor

Progress began on a Vendors section of huntley.com, More information coming soon!

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Huntley Associates has added a poll to the web page.  Make sure to leave your vote and see what others think too.  Leave your thoughts on http://huntley.com/home.shtml.

Huntley Associates Converted its web pages from html to shtml, Please UPDATE your BOOKMARKS and Favorites Accordingly!!!

More Updates to Come



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